Walt and the DeMolays, Club 33 Trivia Answer

I believe we finally have an answer to the trivia question I asked earlier in this post. I think we’re getting closer to firm evidence that Walt was never awarded the 33rd Degree Masonry level. Instead he was awarded the DeMolay equivalent at a ceremony that took place in a masonic temple. This, at least, according to a new article by Wade Sampson and a some follow up from Jim Korkis.

When Walt picked up the De Molay Legion on Honor in October 1931, apparently it was a degree corresponding to that of a 33rd degree in Masonry, the highest attainable . When asked about it at the time, Walt responded: "This reception rather bewilders me although I know the DeMolays always do everything in fine shape. I am proud to receive the Legion of Honor, but I feel as though I haven’t done anything to merit it . "

There’s also a funny bit about how Walt’s acceptance speech for the award was his first public speaking event ever. Despite all his performance ability, apparently Walt was petrified of public speaking.