Pirates IV Rumor: Fuel on the Fire

The Internet is full of speculation and theories on the Pirates franchise and whether or not it will continue after the third installment.   It’s no secret that Johnny Depp has stated his interest in keeping the character of Jack Sparrow alive as long as the storyline remains strong.  Apparently he’s having as much fun as we are.

That said, I have it on good authority, granted from one source, that filming for Pirates IV is scheduled to begin in August with Depp on board.  According to the source Bloom and Knightley will not return.  Again, this line of rumor is all over the Internet with various takes on the characters and story possibilities.  Be warned should you decide to follow-up on this that there are some potential spoilers floating around out there.  Be ye warned says I.

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    “I have it on good authority, granted from one source, that filming for Pirates IV is scheduled to begin in August with Depp on board. According to the source Bloom and Knightley will not return.” [LINK]…

  2. and I had heard that Depp and Knightly was on board for at least two more but Bloom was not… thus leaving an interesting way to deal with Will Turner in the third installment of the series.

  3. The premiere is at Disneyland on May 19— I think it would be stupid for Keira and Bloom not to do the POTC films- these are epic movies that just about EVERYONE LOVES- and the best part is they never get old! So if Orlando and Keira dont do them- it might ruin the series of Pirates! and NOBDY WANTS THAT!!

  4. That would be so cool if they made a Pirates of the carribean 4.I would defiently buy it!

  5. Alexandria Sparrow

    If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, unless ALL the major characters (and the actors who play them) are back for a fourth, I do not want to see it happen. Pirates of the Caribbean is more than just Captain Jack Sparrow! He is an element within the franchise, he is not the complete and total package of the franchise.

    Without Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, Gov. Swann, Gibbs, Marty, Cotton & Parrot, Pintel, Ragetti, Beckett, Davy Jones, Barbossa, etc. along with Captain Jack Sparrow, the POTC movies would not be what they are. Making a fourth without all the main heroes would be arbitrary and pointless. As would it be if Gore did not direct, if Ted and Terry did not write it, Jerry Bruckheimer did not produce it, if Penny Rose did not design the costumes, if Hanz Zimmer did not compose the music.

    It all boils down to what makes a great movie great? It is not the talent of just one actor who makes the movie great. It is a culmination of MANY great lead role actors, stunt men/women, extras, the vision of the director, great writing, excellent plot line, villains you just love to hate, the producers… producing, all the backstage technical crew coming together with awesome chemistry creating magic and bringing the audience into the realm of fantasy for that 2 hours they are in the theatres.

    In short, POTC is not the Johnny Depp Show. Is my favorite character Captain Jack Sparrow, yes. Is my favorite actor Johnny Depp, yes. Is that the ONLY reason I go to see these movies, NO! I go, because it is magical entertainment and it puts me into the land of pirate lore and fantasy. Without everybody who has been a part of the POTC movies, continuing the POTC movies would not be worth it and it would be doomed to fail without even just one main lead actor, like Orlando Bloom/Will Turner.

  6. Ditto.

    I would love to see a Pirates IV! Especially given the ending on III, I felt that “certain people” didn’t really win out which, although that may be something that happens in real life, is not something I’m keen on after several years following a franchise.

    However, Pirates IV sans any of the three main characters (Will, Liz, and Sparrow) wouldn’t work. You might get away with not having some of the others, but even then it would feel a bit odd.

    I won’t post any spoilers, but I saw at least *3* obvious “lose ends” that could use some tying up at the end of III. IMHO

  7. There will indeed be at least 2 more POTC made.

    Depp has signed on to do 2 more. Filming for the next installment is rumored to start as early as this year with a late 2008 or 2009 release.

    With Bloom not officially signed on, they left Part III wide open for his return or the possibility of him not returning.

    As much as I see folks here say these movies do not revolve around Sparrow, well that is just completely wrong. These films could have been called The Adventures of Jack Sparrow.

    Don’t get me wrong – the success is the character build up around Jack, but lets face the facts, Jack is the central and main character so Depp can make 3 more of these films with a different cast members.

    I would not be suprised if only a few of the original cast returned for Part IV. But let me tell you this, in the end this film will make 1/2 billion and that means Disney sees money and Disney is know for sequals.

    Remember Lucas once said he is done with the Star Wars series.. HAHAHAH , he now has 2 series slated for 2008 and is reconsidering making another Star Wars Trilogy!

    Sink your eyes on these possible sequals
    Matrix IV
    Terminator IV (well this is happening)
    Shrek not IV (V and VI)
    Wall Street
    Cabin Fever 2
    E.T. now being considered
    9 to 5
    A Night At the Museum
    Forrest Gump 2
    Austin Powers 4
    Little Fockers
    Mummy 3 DISNEY
    Mrs. Doubfire 2
    Monster Inc 2 DISNEY
    Mad Max 4
    Police Academy 8

  8. I really don’t think the 4th or 5th movies would be complete without Will and Elizabeth. What about their kid and the fountain of youth?? Sure Depp does a fantastic job playing Jack Sparrow, but I wouldn’t be too excited about seeing another Pirates movie without Bloom and Knightly.

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