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Song of the South, another plea for release

TMZ’s Claude Brodesser-Akner writes that he’d sure like to see Song of the South released in a format where families can discuss it at home. He also hopes that it avoids what he calls the Jemina treatment.

Certainly, the rottenest thing that could happen to Remus would be to
get the Aunt Jemima treatment in re-release: Over the years, the
demi-goddess of pancakes has morphed from kerchief-wearing mammy of a
slave to a vaguely benevolent mother-figure with a string of pearls.
Despite the image rehab, it’s a name that’s permanently tarnished;
there just aren’t ever going to be any black toddlers named ‘Jemima’
running around on the playgrounds of the future.

Bring out a DVD that educates and reveals the entertainment value of the film. You can’t make everyone happy, but that will satisfy the vast majority of them. (Read)