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Some friendly advice from one family to future Disneyland Guests

Phil from the "A Family Runs Through It" blog has written some great posts, with some great photography, about his recent family vacation to Disneyland. They stayed at the Disneyland Hotel and never left the property except for the trips to and from the airport. So what advice did he have for future guests of the resort?

On Food:

Our first night at Disneyland, we stumbled into one of the most
expensive restaurants I’ve ever eaten at — Storyteller’s Cafe at the
Grand Californian Hotel. The prime rib was awesome, and the cheesecake
was excellent, but the prices were astronomical! My eyes popped out
like Roger Rabbit when the waiter brought the check.

On Tomorrowland:

Tomorrowland needs to be completely overhauled. AstroBlasters was fun,
and Star Tours is turning into an old friend, but the rest of the place
is sorely lacking. It was my favorite area of Disneyland when I was a
kid. But now, it was where we spent the least time.

On Bathrooms:

Do yourself, and your kids, a big favor. Study the park map and
memorize the locations of every single bathroom. At home, my daughter
can hold her pee for hours and hours. At Disneyland she was good for
about fifteen minutes. Hey, to all those people behind us in line at
the Storybook Land Boats, sorry about the puddle. Goofy distracted her.

There’s plenty more where that came from.