Enchanted Calls

Maybe this is old, but I couldn’t find any mention of it in the archives, so allow me a moment. I stumbled upon a neat little thing over at the official Disney site.  For only $2.49 you can arrange a phone call from a princess, Mickey, Tigger or Pooh to your child. 

In the past when I’ve mentioned stuff like this a few readers have been upset and suggested we were putting ads in our posts.  My argument? It’s hard to be a Disney fansite without promoting Disney, isn’t it?  So, please, don’t consider this an ad, because we get nothing out of it.  Consider it a heads up on yet another cool bit of magic available from Disney.

4 thoughts on “Enchanted Calls”

  1. Thanks for the heads up. My son turns four in a few weeks and this will be a neat surprise.

    As for ad’s, it wouldn’t sound so much like an ad if you left the word ‘only’ out of your description. The phrase “For $2.49 you …” sounds much less like a sales job than “For only $2.49 you…”.

    You can have this opinion for just two little payments of $0.01 each. :)

  2. I had Princess Aurora call my daughter on her birthday the last two years. Both times, we had just returned home from WDW the day before. You can’t beat the price for such a special moment. There are so many things at Disney really tries to overcharge you for (PhotoPass pictures for example), that it is nice to see them provide this wonderful service for a reasonable price.

  3. What a wonderful idea for Disney fans of all ages!
    Maybe someone knows, I cannot find any information; is there any hope that the Main Street Electical Light Parade be brought back to the Magic Kingdom? My husband and I miss it, and wish it would return!

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