‘Traveler’ ABC’s late entry into Primetime

Disney ABC network apparently has one more trick up their sleeve for the 2007 season of television. A show called ‘Traveler‘ is scheduled to premier May 30th and will have an 8 episode arc through the summer months. Almost like a mini-series.

‘Traveler’ was one of the shows to have critical acclaim in the pre-fall reviews, but never found a spot on the nightly schedule. Then when ABCs serial dramas ‘DayBreak’, ‘The Nine’, and ‘Six Degrees’ all took nose dives ABC kept pushing back the release of ‘Traveler’. In the end the distance may help this show find a footing.

‘Traveler’ follows two students running from the law in search of their friend Will Traveler, who disappeared after framing them for a terrorist act. The eight episode arc will apparently include the reveal of who Will Traveler really is. So at least the viewing audience has something to look forward to. Unlike LOST which still hasn’t dealt with exactly what is going on on the island.

Check out a preview for ‘Traveler’ on the ABC site.