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Adam Britten

Adam Britten is a self-proclaimed Disney geek. From a very young age, he fondly remembers visiting the parks with his family on an almost yearly basis. Currently a Master of Digital Marketing Student at Hult International Business School, Adam wishes on a star that he will one day work for the mouse's marketing department. He’s visited Disneyland, Walt Disney World, & Disneyland Paris; he hopes to complete the world tour. His favorite Disney movie is Alice in Wonderland. Can also be seen on: Twitter as @AdamBritten,, and his new blog about the intersection between social media and theme parks at

Revenge 1.4: Duplicity

Editor: Please welcome back guest author Estelle with a review of ABC’s Revenge. Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers. Things got a little personal on Revenge this week when we learned that Emily was out to sabotage Dr. Michelle Banks, therapist to the Hamptons elite (including Victoria &… Read More »Revenge 1.4: Duplicity

Modern Family: Season 3, Episode 4 – Door to Door

This week’s episode of Modern Family sees members of all three families going door to door for different causes. The episode starts off with Clare almost getting into a car accident, and then almost hitting Phil as he is speed-walking. She becomes determined to get a stop sign at an intersection near her house, and enlists the help of everyone else in the family. Phil and Luke become distracted when they set out to make a YouTube video. (Luke threw a basketball at Phil’s head and it went into the basket, so they set out to repeat it on camera.) Let me just say, Ty Burrell’s face must have really hurt after filming this episode.

Over at Jay’s house, Manny needs to raise money for a school field trip by selling wrapping paper. He goes door to door…to three doors. Jay, a little disappointed in the effort, wants to teach Manny how to sell, so he takes him out to show him the ropes. The two of them do not find any success. In the end, Manny plays with Jay, outsmarting him in a way to pay for his field trip.

Meanwhile, Cam has made a big mess in the house making crepes. Mitchell doesn’t want to clean up Cam’s mess (again) so Cam promises that he will do it when Mitch is at work. When Mitchell arrives home, he is dismayed to see that Cam has skipped out on cleaning it and left the house. You see, he went out to help Gloria find Stella, who ran away because she left the gate open again. (Any drama fans will enjoy Cam’s references to “A Streetcar Named Desire.” I was cracking up.) When they find the dog in the hands of a little girl (who happens to be named Blanche,) a screaming match ensues. Gloria and Cam win, and take back the dog.

Clare collects 36 of the 50 signatures she needs for the traffic advisory board. When she shows up at their meeting, she is turned down. To her rescue comes her husband and children, who not only have the remaining signatures, but a self-made YouTube video to prove their point. In the end, Phil claims that he’s been living with Clare for 20 years, and if she wants a stop sign, she’ll get one.

At the end of the episode, Mitch has finally let his “neat freak” attitude go, and makes Cam clean up his own mess for once. Mitch takes it a little overboard and makes an even sprays whipped cream on Lily’s hair and Cam’s shirt…and at that moment a representative of the adoption agency rings their doorbell. (While I found this funny, I really hope they find a way out of it!)

Memorable quotes below the jump.Read More »Modern Family: Season 3, Episode 4 – Door to Door

Your invitation to join #DisneyChat

You are once again (as always) invited to join us for another installment of #DisneyChat! This chat was started by a group of members of another chat who discovered that they all shared a strong interest in The Walt Disney Company. They set a plan… Read More »Your invitation to join #DisneyChat

Rapunzel officially crowned 10th Disney Princess

What a magical afternoon in London! Rapunzel was officially welcomed into the Disney Princess Court when she was crowned earlier today at Kensington Palace. Rapunzel’s Royal Celebration brought together all the Disney princesses, little princesses from around the world, and a few surprise celebrity guests.

Many people showed up for the free procession through Hyde Park.

I started the day off with a long ride on the tube, and as I got closer to the station, I could already tell that this was a popular event. I saw many families with little girls dressed as their favorite princesses, or wearing a Disney princess backpack or some other identifier. It felt like I was on a bus to Disney World! As I reached Hyde Park, I was blown away at how many people had turned up! There was a procession of all the princesses throughout the park that was free for the public to attend.

After the princesses processed through the park, they dismounted their carriages in front of Kensington Palace (at this point, you had to have an invitation to see the rest of the event.) Each princess was announced by name, but it was sometimes hard to hear because of how many little girls were screaming “Ariel! Ariel!” or “BELLE!!!” Ten lucky girls from around the world were picked to be paired with one of the princesses, and they got to present them with flowers and give them a hug, and be part of a group photo in front of the palace.

I started trying to do pictures and video, but I decided to focus on just video after Snow White came through. It was hard enough getting video of Maximus, who did make an appearance, than to juggle two cameras to also get pictures! Full video of the procession below the jump.

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Rapunzel spotted all over London

On October 2nd, Rapunzel will be welcomed into the Disney Princess Court at Kensington Palace in London. In a very fun PR performance from Disney, Rapunzel has been spotted in several well known areas around the city of London in preparation for her big day.… Read More »Rapunzel spotted all over London