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Adam Britten

Adam Britten is a self-proclaimed Disney geek. From a very young age, he fondly remembers visiting the parks with his family on an almost yearly basis. Currently a Master of Digital Marketing Student at Hult International Business School, Adam wishes on a star that he will one day work for the mouse's marketing department. He’s visited Disneyland, Walt Disney World, & Disneyland Paris; he hopes to complete the world tour. His favorite Disney movie is Alice in Wonderland. Can also be seen on: Twitter as @AdamBritten,, and his new blog about the intersection between social media and theme parks at

Modern Family: Season 3, Episode 3 – Phil on Wire

After last week’s double feature, Modern Family was back this week with “Phil on Wire.” All in all, I thought it was a pretty good episode. I enjoy anytime Haley and Alex scheme together; Cam & Mitch had some funny moments, and Gloria once again steals the episode with her comedy.

Cam decides to embark on a juice fast, and Mitchell is not too happy about it. He claims that Cam is even more emotionally unstable when you deprive him of food and “stage by stage it’s a slow decent into madness.” I found the progression pretty funny, so I’ve listed Cam’s “stages” below:

  1. “The Clean Sweep”
  2. “Attack Mitchell – Because when his diet crashes and burns into a giant pile of Nutella, I’m the one he’s going to blame.”
  3. “Soap Actress”
  4. “A Rush of Epiphanies” which included “I don’t need food!” and “Spaniards make amazing athletes.”
  5. “Despair”
  6. “Rage”

At this point, Mitchell admits that Cam has never made it this far in a diet so he doesn’t know what the next stage is….but he doesn’t think it will be “Charming Party Guest.” (Mitchell joins Cam in the juice fast to support him.) Turns out, Mitch and Cam were so emotionally drained and hungry that they both let loose an outburst of sadness while Mitchell’s boss was telling a sad story about an experience with a sea lion. After that, they had an “I love you just the way you are” hug in the ocean. (I found it odd that they didn’t kiss at this moment; the show has before been criticized before for not allowing Mitch & Cam to display as much affection as Phil & Clare.)

At the Dunphy’s house, Phil wants to pursue his dream of walking on a tightrope. Also at the Dunphy’s, Haley is upset because Alex has been advanced into the same math class as her. She turns the situation around, though, by agreeing to let Alex sit at the popular table in exchange for answers to tests and homework. They get caught, prompting a visit to the principal’s office. (And Clare yells at a parking officer…her speech had several good quips, check it out below the jump)

And in another Modern Family story about coddling, Gloria is upset that Jay and Stella (the dog) are becoming very close. The dog sleeps with him and even showers with him. (Very funny!) Gloria gets angry that the dog only chews on her things, so she tries to get Stella to chew on Jay’s shoe by…chewing on it herself. (I couldn’t contain my laughter at this point.)

Based on the past three episodes what do you think of the third season so far? Are even more awards in the show’s future?

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Modern Family: Season 3, Episodes 1&2

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“Avatar Land” gets early mixed reviews

Earlier today, Disney held an Imagineering press conference with James Cameron to announce that an area based on the world of “Avatar” would be added to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Fans around the world were quick to evaluate this addition. People took to message boards, social… Read More »“Avatar Land” gets early mixed reviews

Watch the D-Signed Fashion Show

Get the look of your favorite Disney Channel stars now from D-Signed. Disney Living has created a fashion show in the Disney Fashion Lounge to show off the new line of clothing inspired by Rocky and CeCe from the hit series “Shake it Up.” The entire D-Signed line is sold exclusively at Target stores nationwide as well as at Pieces are available in girl sizes 4 to 16. Payless now also sells footwear inspired by the same series.

Watch a video of the fashion show below the jump.

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Join us for #DisneyChat

Couldn’t make it last month? It’s not too late to join the #DisneyChat community! I’m a frequent visitor of many popular Disney message boards, but nothing compares to the rapid-fire conversation that happens during a Twitter chat. #DisneyChat was started by a group of members… Read More »Join us for #DisneyChat

Tangled Ever After set for Disney Channel this spring

One of the lesser talked about announcements coming out of D23 is “Tangled Ever After,” a brand new short coming to the Disney Channel in the Spring of 2012. Not many plot details have been announced, but the short will follow the life of Rapunzel… Read More »Tangled Ever After set for Disney Channel this spring

A closer look at Kinect Disneyland Adventures

Earlier, I wrote about the upcoming game from Microsoft known as “Kinect Disneyland Adventures.” Gameplay involves players walking around Disneyland and interacting with various aspects of the park as if they were actually there. (You can collect autographs, hug your favorite character, and create souvenirs.) The actual “challenges” are within lands inspired by the various rides of the park.

The game was originally previewed at E3, but more images were released at Gamescom (a large gaming conference recently held in Germany.) According to, the game is slated for a November 15, 2011 release, although this is not yet confirmed on Amazon. Click here to see my original preview of the game (including video trailers and ordering information) or go below the jump for more pictures. I’ll admit, the more pictures I see of the game, the more I like it.Read More »A closer look at Kinect Disneyland Adventures

Win a trip to London for Rapunzel’s Royal Celebration

Here’s your chance to be part of the magic! On October 2nd, Rapunzel will be welcomed into the Disney Princess Court at Kensington Palace in London. Disney is offering a contest called “Your Princess Moment – The Story Begins With You.” Fans age 12 and… Read More »Win a trip to London for Rapunzel’s Royal Celebration