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Tangled Ever After set for Disney Channel this spring

One of the lesser talked about announcements coming out of D23 is “Tangled Ever After,” a brand new short coming to the Disney Channel in the Spring of 2012. Not many plot details have been announced, but the short will follow the life of Rapunzel and Flynn. Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi will return to voice the two characters, respectively. Additionally, Nathan Greno and Byron Howard will return as directors.

What do you think of this “sequel” for Tangled?

13 thoughts on “Tangled Ever After set for Disney Channel this spring”

  1. I had a chance to chat briefly with Byron at D23, he first told me about the project and a bit about it’s premise. He came across as pretty genuine and excided about it. If that’s any consolation.

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  7. Somehow, I like the idea of made for Disney Channel specials better than the direct to video sequels. With all of the original players involved too, I bet it will be better.

  8. I think you’re right, Thomas. These types of creations are better suited to Disney Channel, in my opinion.

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  11. I first heard about this in a article I read about the up comming cornation of Rapunzel to the Disney Princess franchise and was excited about it but was unsure if it was true or not. Now i know its really happening, Im supper excited! I absoutly love Tangled and its my new favorite all time Disney movie! I can’t wait for this as I was hopping to see Flynn and Rapunzel get married in movie but it wasnt shown. There was a concept art for it in “The Art of Tangled” and it looked amzing! I was really bumed it wasnt shown in movie as it was in the book, and wondered why it was never shown in movie? So this great they are comming up with this as it will make up for it not being in the movie. So I will be completly keeping my eyes and ears open for this!

  12. i think after the short they should make an actual movie, Rapunzel and flynn could have a baby and the baby could take after Rapunzel, born with long magic hair that glows, and that could be whole other adventure!

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