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How Imagineers puts the springs in Disney Springs


Theoron Skees from Walt Disney Imagineering is the project leader on Disney Springs. In a new video he shares the story created to immerse guests in the rich heritage and natural beauty (recreated by Disney of course) of Florida through unique architecture, inserted artifacts, and landscaping (aka Placemaking).

As we saw in our most recent construction update, the “natural” ‘springs’ itself is already amazingly beautiful and it will only get more so as the finishing touches are applied. Here’s how WDI put the ‘Springs’ into Disney Springs:

I love when Imagineering does videos like this. I really wish they’d do more. Don’t you?

Among locations recently announced for Disney Springs are the Hawaiian jewelry store Na Hoku, World of Coca-Cola, and Tommy Bahamas. I’m also looking forward to the previously announced eateries Homecoming: Florida Kitchen and Southern Shine from Art Smith, STK Orlando, The Edison, Sprinkles Cupcakes (with a cupcake ATM) and Blaze’s pizza.

Previously: Disney Springs construction update – January 2016.

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