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Art of Animation Resort Tour – Cars


Today we complete our tour of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort. We had our first glimpse at the Finding Nemo section when the resort first opened. Recently we returned for a walking tour of the three other sections, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid and today we’ll visit Cars.

The Cars section is by far my favorite at the resort. It feels the most like you’re in the movie with life-size sets right out of Radiator Springs and nearly life-size cars right out of the movie. That probably explains why I took a ton of photos. There are just so many details, it takes a lot of photos to capture them all:

Which of the four sections is your favorite?

1 thought on “Art of Animation Resort Tour – Cars”

  1. You’re right about Cars being the best of the 4 Animation hotels.

    Nemo’s area is understandably dominated by the pool(which is awesome in itself).
    Mermaid is pretty much a facsimile of the Pop style hotels across the pond(Ie, large statues of famous characters).
    Lion King is the most aesthetically beautiful, just wish it was a bit longer to walk through.
    Cars reminds you the most of a mini themepark. And fans of the Cars movie will feel like they are at a park everytime they leave their room.

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