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Disney’s Art of Animation Resort Finding Nemo Suites Tour

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort (DAAR) officially opens later this week. When completed it will add over a thousand rooms to Walt Disney World and a new level of theming for ‘Value’ level accommodations.

Most of the rooms at DAAR will be of the family suite variety able to accommodate 6 sleeping guests. Disney sees more multi-generational groups visiting the resort and hopes this will help them stay in one room together. Also, DAAR is located right across the street from ESPN WWOS. So expect teams and athletes to take advantage of the accommodations.

The first section of rooms to open are the Finding Nemo family suites. A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get a tour of one room from the Imagineer who was in charge of the interior design.

There are a lot of great touches from the film in the room. There are a couple hidden Mickeys in the room – be sure to look up at the lights. Also the numbers on the bathroom sink are the same numbers as the submarine from Finding Nemo. Everything is designed to make you feel like you’re out there on the reef with Nemo and his friends.

The patterns, characters, and moments from the film all add up to something we’ve not seen before on Disney property. I did feel that the walls could have used a few more touches to add warmth and the room is a bit sparse, but you are, in theory, paying for value resort accommodations. So that is to be expected.

5 thoughts on “Disney’s Art of Animation Resort Finding Nemo Suites Tour”

  1. Later this week? More like, tmrw (in a couple of hours) May 31st, 2012 the finding Nemo Wing of our Art of Animation Resort will open :-)

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