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Disney’s Art of Animation Resort – The Little Mermaid Walking Tour


We recently toured The Lion King section of Art of Animation Resort. That was one of three sections with new buildings at the resort, but The Little Mermaid section is actually the finished versions of the old Legendary section of Pop Century that remained unfinished for nearly a decade.

But now it looks great. King Triton and Ursula loom large in giant sculptures and Ariel and her gang hold court throughout the resorts courtyard. It features exterior walk-ways and entrances like the hotels over in Pop century. There are over 600 cutout objects on the resort balconies.

In the gallery below, we continue our walking tour of the resort under the sea.

Did you see the Hidden Mickey in the kelp?

The chief complaint from people who stay in this section is the walk to the main building / buses. But a stay in these rooms is less expensive than the other sections, plus it looks like a lot of fun.

In our final edition of this walkabout, we’ll visit the Cars section.

3 thoughts on “Disney’s Art of Animation Resort – The Little Mermaid Walking Tour”

  1. Wow, you learn something new everyday on this blog.

    Mermaid was the first Disney resort/hotel we stayed at after my daughter was born. It’s obviously the only non-“suite” hotel of the four Animation hotels. (Ie, the MErmaid rooms are quite small like all the Pop Century rooms, while Lion, Cars, and Nemo all have multi rooms). But perhaps today I finally have the answer for why that is. Since you say Mermaid was built on top of the existing Pop site that was there, it makes sense why it’s rooms are exactly the same layout as the other Pop Century rooms, and the newer constructed sites like cars and Nemo have bigger suites.

    On a side note, I sometimes wonder if Disney regrets at all not making Cars, Lion, and Nemo “smaller/cheaper” rooms like Mermaid. Case in point: Right when it opened years ago I was able to book Mermaid rooms easily for our family almost 2 years in a row. But since then(with more people finding out about them), the Mermaid rooms have literally always been filled months in advance(one of the reasons we’ve switched to staying at Pop when we’re there). And yet everytime I’ve searched I can find vacancies at NEmo, Cars, and Lion even up to the night before we leave. Me thinks Animation would be booked all year round if all the rooms were Mermaid size…just my 2 cents……

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