• The Candy Caper – A Walt Story
    The Candy Caper – A Walt Story

    I love reading first hand accounts of Disneyland cast members encounters with Walt Disney. We have had our own little series here on the blog from my Aunt Linda, but here’s a story from a cast member who worked the Storybook Canal Boats in the late 1950s. I worked at…

  • Fact-Checking Saving Mr. Banks
    Fact-Checking Saving Mr. Banks

    I was finally able to get out and see Saving Mr. Banks over the weekend and very much enjoyed the film (especially the 2nd half). Like many a Disney fan I enjoyed seeing how the film got the little touches right. Like how Walt was known for coughing as he…

  • Original Star Wars Teaser Trailer from 1976
    Original Star Wars Teaser Trailer from 1976

    Now that Disney owns Lucasfilm and the Star Wars brand and is working on a 7th movie in the series, it’s instructive to go back to the very beginning. Here’s the first ever teaser trailer released for Star Wars back in 1976. It’s missing a few special effects and that…

  • Blue Bayou Memories
    Blue Bayou Memories

    Early Disneyland food options were limited mostly to carnival food and chicken dinners. Most of the restaurants were run by third party operators that Walt had brought in when he ran short of money building the park. These food locations often competed against each other to attract guests and gave…

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