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Did Walt Disney Really Say That? New Book Will Let You Know!


As the saying goes, don’t believe everything you read in the the Internet. Historical figures and celebrities are often attributed quotes and sayings that frankly they never actually said, or even implied. But how do you know what is fact and what is fiction? You have to rely on the experts.

walts-words-book-korkisThere are few who have more expertise in Disney history than author Jim Korkis. He has turned his considerable collection of Disney knowledge to solving the problem of exactly what we can attribute to Walt Disney the result is the new book “Walt’s Words.” Korkis uses interviews, articles, speeches, TV appearances, and more to present over 800 quotes in this book. Each is authoritatively sourced as well.

Disney historian Jim Korkis has devoted a lifetime of research into assembling the most complete, most accurate, most useful compilation of Walt Disney’s quotes ever put into print. For fans, it’s a deep dive into the wisdom of Walt; for authors and researchers, it’s an invaluable reference, as Korkis also provides the source of each quote—something you won’t find anywhere else.

Walt Disney had a lot to say, about many different topics, including America, animation and films, art and music, books, business, Disneyland, education, fear and failure, Mickey Mouse, money and work, religion, storytelling, television, and women. It’s all here, uncensored and unedited.

What sets this book apart from other Disney books, is that this is Walt Disney talking about Walt Disney in his own words. That makes Walt’s Words the closest we’ll ever get to an autobiography of Walt Disney. Pick it up on Amazon today.