• Nighttime Entertainment Upgrade debuts at Disneyland
    Nighttime Entertainment Upgrade debuts at Disneyland

    At Disneyland everything its Nightastic! Well, almost everything. The much anticipated new Fantasmic! Dragon is still being worked on. But the new Tinkerbell float for the Electrical Parade at Walt Disney’s Adventure Park (I’m hearing that’s one possible new name for DCA) looks good and the new Fireworks show ‘Magical’…

  • Disneyland is Summer Nightastic!
    Disneyland is Summer Nightastic!

    Disneyland Resort Lights Up The Night With New Shows And A New Glow! It’s Summer Nightastic! The first three decades of Disneyland, the park was still struggling to create an identity to attract locals into the park. One of the strategies they employed were themed nights. Usually there would be…

  • Amazing Disney World Entertainment Photos
    Amazing Disney World Entertainment Photos

    Fantasmic! Meet and Greet Originally uploaded by wallyspam I just discovered Flickr user wallyspam. She has a real eye for some of the faces and characters that make Walt Disney World entertainment so special. In this photo you’ll find a very special Fantasmic! meet and greet photo with 14 characters…

  • Disneyland Fantasmic! Construction Restrospective
    Disneyland Fantasmic! Construction Restrospective

    Bob at, the original unofficial Knott’s Berry Farm website, has an extensive photo restrospective of the 1991-1992 construction/installation of the Disneyland Fantasmic! show, which is the original edition of the show.  That’s because Bob, who runs the site, is also a longtime Disneyland fan. The construction involved extensive changes…

  • Quizilla!

    The Mark Twain: A leisurely paddle steamboatnavigating the Rivers of America in the 19thCentury! A venerable Disneyland institution,you date to opening day in 1955 and respresentstablity, tradition, and a healthy dose ofAmericana. You never make your passengersseasick (in part due to the fact that you rolealong your secret underwater track)…

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