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Disney Releases More Images from New Castle Projection Show

Celebrate The Magic - Castle

The final performance of “The Magic, The Memories and You” is in the books and eyes are turning toward the future. “Celebrate The Magic” will be the name of the next castle projection show. The Technology involves digital mapping of a structure, such as Cinderella Castle, and then projecting images onto that uneven surface in a way that looks totally perfect. Disney did a really great job of this with TMTMAY and I’m sure they’ll hit it out of the ballpark again with Celebrate The Magic.

To help build up some excitement, Disney has released the two concept art images shown above for Celebrate The Magic. Looks like there will be a heavy dose of color and fun involved.

2 thoughts on “Disney Releases More Images from New Castle Projection Show”

  1. Saw this in march.for the first Time it truely is magical both husband and I hav been going to Disney with kids for twent years and this was astounding !

  2. I saw a similar show on the castle at Disney Land Paris for the first time a couple of weeks back. The combination of projection, water screens, smoke and fireworks and music really does work amazingly well.

    Those projectors appeared to be mounted on one of the main street buildings roofs. They must be super powerful.

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