Beware of the Fantasmic! Hiatus


A few days ago, reported that there were no Fantasmic! times scheduled past January 4, 2012 at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios. This news broke my heart. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the show, it is sort of the original World of Color, a water, light, and fireworks spectacular with a few other fun additions. It’s one of Disney’s older shows, opening at Disneyland in 1992 and at Hollywood Studios in 1996, and has been incredibly popular ever since. So why would they stop running it?

Luckily, there has been an update on the story. Apparently, the show will be returning on February 13, 2012 at 7 pm. It is not clear why they are shutting it down for 5 weeks, but it’s likely it has to do with repairing and reconditioning the complex machinery and set that the show requires.

Personally, it is my absolute favorite Disney “thing to see”, and it has been since the very first time I saw it back in 1995. I would highly recommend that any person planning on visiting the Parks in 2012 make sure they are going while this show is running because it is something you definitely should not miss!

What is your favorite Disney Parks show or spectacular?

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10 thoughts on “Beware of the Fantasmic! Hiatus”

  1. So sorry. I couldn’t disagree more. The original FANTASMIC at Disneyland is a wonderful show with a great creative arc. The WDW version is too Villain heavey and too commercial. To me it lacks story and reads like a long commercial. Don’t miss the Disneyland version. Perhaps during this rehab we will see some “pink elephants” come to Florida!

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  3. Walt Disney World’s Fantasmic! opened in 1998, not 1996. I do agree. I love Fantasmic, and my trip doesn’t seem to be complete if I do not see it. Sadly, I have not been to Disneyland, but by all accounts it looks to be a superior show.

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  6. This past July was the last time I saw Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios and that will remain the last time I see the show until they fix the horrible horrible horrible experience that preludes the showing. (Of course) I’m talking about the wait/line/crowd/mosh that one must stand in and endure pushing and elbowing to see a only-okay show that is so much better done at Disneyland. I usually make an effort to see the show each trip but I’ve grown so tired of being hurried through a abnormally impatient crowd and simply can’t enjoy the show anymore. I will gladly watch the show at Disneyland but (as I previously state) will skip it at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

    I will say that when I get elbowed and pushed by others trying to get ahead of me to find seats it ruins the show and takes my mind right out of the experience. People are at their worst during nighttime shows, but when forced into a crowd and line/wait like the one for Hollywood Studios it makes it damn near unbearable. Just can’t do it anymore.

  7. The line/wait at WDW Fantasmic seems to be a recurring complaint from people comparing the experience to Disneyland. Can someone explain how Disneyland handles getting the guests to the show without a long line, crowd, pushing, etc? Thank You

  8. I saw the show at WDW after seeing it twice at DL. My autistic son, with his disability pass was allowed to sit OUTSIDE the ropes with everyone else. When being ushered up the long, very wide path to the amphitheater, he was met by a very angry cast member who basically told him to leave. Then, after taking her information to report her, we were sat on the back row (fine with me, all the seats are the same). The family in front of us were told it would be fine to watch because there was nothing scary. The effects scared the little kid so much they had to leave with him crying. After waiting 2 hrs as patiently as a family with a 4 yr old can for a 20 minute show. I was appalled and very angry with WDW and DL remains to be a MUCH better experience in my opinion. The show at WDW is just not that great. Scary for young kids, and the wait is ridiculous. At DL, they rope off a section of the park the same way they do for parades. They re-direct traffic for those who don’t care to view that showing. The show is a bit more like the movie fantasia and really shows a story. The main special effect is Maleficent turning into the dragon and breathing fire. But the dragon is not nearly as scary as the one at WDW. People of all ages are able to enjoy the show. And if you aren’t able to see the show from within the ropes, one can still see the show as long as you aren’t blocking the path when the lights go down. There is more crowd control and the wait isn’t miserable. You can have one person save seats while others enjoy the park entertaining kiddos until about 20 minutes before showtime. DL knows what they are doing. Honestly, if Fantasmic closed for good at WDW, it would make WDW a much better experience for all at this point. Hopefully, in closing for “refurbishments” they figure out better crowd control and how to not scare the beejeezus out of the kids.

  9. i agree with aimee, my excact thoughts.. walt never had in mind to scare kids, only to show love…please change the show to only love and not violence. thanks, have a greatful day…harvey

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