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Woman Arrested for Striking, Kicking Child at Magic Kingdom Today

Yes, it was hot and humid at Disney World today. The most magical place on Earth can seem much less than than sparkly during the busy summer weeks (and this week is among the busiest). However, your discomfort is no excuse to take your frustrations out on a child through abuse. Today a woman was arrested after she was seen striking and then kicking her child inside the Magic Kingdom. Sheriff deputies arrested the woman after multiple witnesses reported the incident.

I’ve seen parents do some pretty awful things to their children while touring all of the Disney parks. Usually when the Heat and humidity is an aggravating factor. Heck, I’ve often found myself frustrated when in the parks. But I take a step back, visit some air conditioning, or get a drink of water. If I’m still frustrated, I leave.

We don’t know what drove this woman to abuse her child, but perhaps we can share some strategies for keeping control of your anger when in the parks on a hot and busy day like today.

(via the Orlando Sentinel)

10 thoughts on “Woman Arrested for Striking, Kicking Child at Magic Kingdom Today”

  1. This is a horrible story. I know that the heat can be frustrating-on my last visit I myself was near tears at 12 noon when I was in the parking lot and could not find my car. My 3.5 year old was crying. And the reason I didn’t know the exact aisle our car was in was because she had been whining when we first parked the car and it distracted me from looking. However, under no circumstances would I have taken my frustration out on her. I just explained that we would find the car-it would take some time but we would find it-and probably faster if we both stopped crying!
    Two Tips!
    -if you are going with young children-Do Not Go the Whole Day-especially if visiting in peak visiting time. Go to a park first thing in the morning and then plan to go back to your hotel/condo/timeshare to rest and relax-whether it be a nap or a swim in the pool. You can always head back out around 3/4pm
    -if the heat is getting to you and/or your child-cool off-get a drink, go to one of the inside attractions, visit a baby care center (they have one in each park) to chill out!

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  10. You might be a tad less jump-to-conclusions about this, not having been there. “Striking” and “kicking” are both extremely non-descriptive as to what actually occurred, and are both words which can mean wildly different things. I “strike” and “kick” my kids all the time when we’re wrestling in the house or the yard, and they “punch” and “hit” me; the same behavior at a theme park might look a little crazy. Before you decide the defendant is guilty, you might just let the justice system–which presumes innocence of any crime–go about its business. I do not condone child abuse or improper discipline, but you don’t have to go about condemning someone for something unproven that you did not witness and, personally, know nothing about.

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