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New Fantasmic debuts at Tokyo DisneySea

It seems different enough it should have it’s own name. You don’t hear the iconic Fantasmic strains until 2 minutes into the show. Overall, I’m impressed at the grandeur and beauty of the show. Seems like a worthy successor to the sad sack of a show we have out here in Orlando, if they could ever scrape together the budget to do improve it.

Instead of relying only on water projections the show has what appears to be a giant cone of LEDs (think like the globe in Illuminations, but easier to see) for animations. This being Tokyo DisneySea there has to be giant water floats. Which they put to really creative use in terms of lighting and choreography.

There are a lot of other great surprises… which you can see yourself in the video of the show. You have to see how they did the dragon on part two. Wow.

Here it is in two parts:

Part two is below the jump;

I’m not sure if the Japanese have an equivalent saying to “the show must go on,” but they did a great job here considering the circumstances. Big props to the team that put this together. They had the most whopper of obstacles you could imagine, but overcame it and exceeded expectations.

What did you think?

8 thoughts on “New Fantasmic debuts at Tokyo DisneySea”

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  2. Wow and I thought that we had the nighttime shows nailed here in California now, we have World of Color and in my opinion Fantasmic! here is far better than in Orlando (although I do like that the show is in a stadium there)

    By the way it looks like they used some of the technology that was used I. world of Color in their Fantasmic! Also, something like the cone thing and such used for the projections was origianally supposed to be used in World of Color but they kept having too many problems with it, guess Tokyo got it figured out.

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  5. The flow is awful here. They really have a long ways to go. And having everything fixated in the middle “hat” makes it seem a lot smaller. Some of the things being pulled around by boats (the eels and so on) just looked horrible.

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