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Dopey performer falls off top of boat in Fantasmic!


One of Walt Disney World’s performers took a frightening fall during last night’s 9pm performance of Fantasmic! at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The dancer, costumed as Dopey the dwarf from Disney’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” was performing on the second level of the boat used during the show’s finale sequence. While moving toward the back of the swift moving boat, Dopey’s feet slip off the side of the boat and the performer falls through the rails onto another performer, dressed as Goofy, down below. If you look closely you can see that if Goofy hadn’t been there to deflect Dopey, there’s a chance he would have gone right in the drink.

I’m sure that was a shock. The foam head of the costume went right into the rail as the performer fell. Notice that another performer, dressed as one of the chipmunks, goes over to check on Dopey right away.

We read reports online that although an ambulance was called, both performers were treated on site and, although bruised, released without transportation to the hospital. We hope that’s correct.

Here’s another angle:

In general Disney has a great safety record, but there have been moments where safety was overlooked in the past, including a performer dressed as Pluto falling off a parade float in 2004. Unfortunately the cast member died as a result of that accident.

We’ve ready out to Disney for further comment on the accident and the health of the performers.

Video courtesy @ariipariee on Twitter