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Disneyland’s Fantasmic! will return with new scenes

Disneyland has been taking advantage of the downtime for the Rivers of America that was required to squeeze in the 14-acre Star Wars-themed land to also do a little re-imagining of the 25 year old fan favorite – Fantasmic! When it returns this summer the… Read More »Disneyland’s Fantasmic! will return with new scenes

Aerial Photos of Star Wars themed land at Disneyland

Yesterday we were thrilled to share with you recent aerial photography of the two new lands, Toy Story Land and a Star Wars themed land, under construction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Today we have even more recent aerial photography from Disneyland’s Star Wars expansion. The… Read More »Aerial Photos of Star Wars themed land at Disneyland

Dopey performer falls off top of boat in Fantasmic!

One of Walt Disney World’s performers took a frightening fall during last night’s 9pm performance of Fantasmic! at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The dancer, costumed as Dopey the dwarf from Disney’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” was performing on the second level of the boat… Read More »Dopey performer falls off top of boat in Fantasmic!

8-Bit Fantasmic

Walt Disney World’s digital team has created this great video game trailer for an 8-bit version of the epic battle between Mickey Mouse and Maleficent in Disney’s Hollywood Studios popular night show Fantasmic. If only this was a real game. Sadly, it’s just vaporware.

Videopolis – Incredible Disney Parks’ Medleys!

I found Dan Gooding’s YouTube channel about a year ago, but he keeps churning out these incredible Disney Theme Park medleys. Recently, he put together a two-part Epcot medley to celebrate the 30th anniversary (One part for Future World and one part for World Showcase).… Read More »Videopolis – Incredible Disney Parks’ Medleys!

Disney Releases More Images from New Castle Projection Show

The final performance of “The Magic, The Memories and You” is in the books and eyes are turning toward the future. “Celebrate The Magic” will be the name of the next castle projection show. The Technology involves digital mapping of a structure, such as Cinderella… Read More »Disney Releases More Images from New Castle Projection Show

Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Daddy’s Day Report

A small collection of movie props at Great Moments with Mr. Disney.

I wanted to go to Magic Kingdom yesterday to see the Tiki birds (who, I’m told, have evicted the previous management (Techcrunch anyone?)), strangely enough, I still haven’t managed to find time to see the revised show yet, but Indigo has been watching Roller Coaster POV videos on Youtube again and wants to ride Rock-n-Roller coaster. Guess who wins this argument?

It was nice to see the car back out in front of Sci-Fi Diner, but they already need to replace the cool Disney emblem. Um, btw, why isn’t that for sale somewhere in the park?

Daddy, the old softy, and kiddo show up at Disney’s Hollywood Studios with the usual good timing, right as they’re parking the last row of Magic or whatever that section is that’s closest to the gate. This is actually a good thing. You know, fill up the parking lot sections closest to the park entrance first. I have to wonder if this is a change that new park VP Dan Cockerell affected somehow, or just a random change someone in the parking lot team decided to try.

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