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Own a figure of yourself as a Jedi or TIE-fighter Pilot when D-Tech Me Figures returns to Star Wars Weekends

The last few years Star Wars Weekends has had some great merchandise, but the biggest splash was made by D-Tech Me, which let you put your face on a Stormtrooper, X-Wing pilot, or be cast in carbon freeze like Han … Continue reading

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Disney Research produces adorable BeachBot, Autonomous Beach Artist Turtle-Bot

Many of the wonderful projects to come out of Disney’s vaunted research labs are related to enhancing movie or theme park production in some way (advanced animatronics, safety features, computer animation short-cuts, etc). But this latest product might end up … Continue reading

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Disney Research Invents Robot You Can Juggle With

Some pretty amazing robot animatronic developments coming out of Disney Research Pittsburgh these days. The latest to be revealed is this robot you can play catch and even juggle with. Entertainment robots in theme park environments typically do not allow … Continue reading

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Wired Magazine Explores Disney’s Latest Technology Projects

Walt Disney was never one to rest on his laurels, he was always innovating with an eye toward what’s next. The modern Disney company keeps up that tradition by partnering with learning institutions around the globe. Sometimes the results are … Continue reading

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