One thought on “Ten Technologies That Will Be Coming Soon to Disney Theme Parks

  1. Tom

    Most of this stuff is far over my head John(altho I love reading about it), I think everything you think about the future at Disney is right-on.
    The two that stuck out to me in particular were the two that I feel Disney should have already implemented more fully. The self-driving podcar and Animatronic Animals. Especially the latter.

    Disney is often and needs to always be on the cutting edge, pushing the proverbial envelope(since that’s what Walt himself did). The animatronic dinosaurs and animals are a must(in fact I’m quite disappointed that hasn’t already happened on a fully realized scale). I feel Disney could do animatronics better than anyone, but heck, even just basic technology like that which is used in the “Walking with Dinosaurs” stage show. Imagine a Animal Kingdom Parade with towering dinosaurs walking in a row down the main streetway. Come’on Disney. These are easy things for a company as big as you that would truly revolutionize the parks.

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