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On Ride Video: The Aqua Duck on the Disney Fantasy

Disney Fantasy - Aqua Duck Watercoaster

The Disney Fantasy is the second ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet to have its own water coaster – the AquaDuck. Here your fearless editor takes a turn on the ride with an on board video camera and some POV video edited in.

As the ship itself can twist and turn the the sea, the coaster has to be constructed in such a way that it can shift by as much as 33 inches. It also has a section that extends out over the side of the side of the ship about 150 feet above the water. Those Imagineers sure are amazing aren’t they.

Here’s a closer view of the way they had the rig set up for the video:

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Disney Cruise Line adds Water Coaster to its new ship

Hang on to those Hats and Glasses when you board the next innovation to come from the Disney Cruise Line. The new Disney Dream will debut the cruise industry‚Äôs first-ever shipboard water coaster, a.k.a. the AquaDuck. The ride will take guests on a high-speed flume… Read More »Disney Cruise Line adds Water Coaster to its new ship

SeaWorld’s User-Generated Content Coaster Campaign

When it comes to theme parks, I usually don’t stray too far from either Anaheim or Orlando, but this is too cool a project to pass without mentioning. SeaWorld already has a contest where you can submit your photos of the park and be entered to win free park tickets. That’s for the whole SeaWorld… Read More »SeaWorld’s User-Generated Content Coaster Campaign

A Break from Spring Break

With Spring Break officially in the record books now, I can report that we survived. Mostly by avoiding the parks when we could and by avoiding any of the major throughfares. A good idea, as Ken pointed out earlier in the comments: Disney World – Magic Kingdom was closed at least 3 days in a… Read More »A Break from Spring Break

New Coaster at a Waterpark?

Although had the news on this last week, The Orlando Sentinel posts some additional details on Typhoon Lagoon’s next attraction – a Water Coaster. What’s a water coaster you ask? To really know you have to go to the waterpark that started them all – Schlitterbahn. Their premier ride, the Master Blaster, uses water… Read More »New Coaster at a Waterpark?