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A Break from Spring Break

With Spring Break officially in the record books now, I can report that we survived. Mostly by avoiding the parks when we could and by avoiding any of the major throughfares. A good idea, as Ken pointed out earlier in the comments:

Disney World – Magic Kingdom was closed at least 3 days in a row this
week 3/28/05. As the gates were flooded with hundreds of cars, each was
given a parking pass and a 1/2 off on a MEAL (valid at just a small
select number of restruants in the parks) at another Disney Theme park.
The cars were directed through the normal parking lots and diverted to
Epcot, but you could go anywhere or home.
Traffic was so bad on I-4 that a 12 mile stretch took us 2 hours EVERY
time we traveled that route.
Lines were so bad at MGM that we only were able to take in about 3
shows and that was it for the day.

Barb over at the always excellent and often amusing shares her painful experience trying to make it to the MK parking lot and failing at that. We suffered through EPCOT one afternoon and after trying to get dinner at three or four restaurants gave up and headed off property.

Yesterday we only made it to Downtown Disney for some lunch. However the crowds were light and we were even able to find a parking spot without looping around more than once. Now Mom’s here to see her grandson, so posting might be sparse for the next few days. On the plus side, I hope to be able to report back on the newest ride at Walt Disney World… Crush n Gusher, a water coaster at Typhoon Lagoon.