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What we know about Disney Cruise Line’s next ship – The Disney Wish

Our first look at Disney Cruise Line’s next big ship was revealed at the D23 Expo in Anaheim. A new video from Disney goes into slightly more detail about why they chose the name ‘Disney Wish’ and explains the inspiration for the ship’s stern character and the multi-story atrium.

The updated video is here:

Interesting how they focus on how the ship is designed for families, which is certainly true. But we’ve also found that Disney Cruise Line is a great experience for those traveling without children (or who have children, but are happy that the kids tend to stay in the kid areas during the trip). The only thing that is difficult is traveling as a solo traveler, since Disney only sells double-occupancy rooms.

We looked at the concept art and gave a few thoughts shortly after the D23 Expo. Looks like we got a lot of it right. We’re still waiting for confirmation on other details, like what sort of on board entertainment the ship will offer and will it have an Aqua Duck water coaster, like the Dream and Fantasy, or maybe something new. Concept art does appear to show a water coaster

The Disney Wish will wash up on our shores in 2021, and greet its first guests in early 2022, with new ships arriving in 2022 and 2023. That’s going to be an amazing three years. As the last ship picks up its first passengers, Disney will have doubled its capacity to create magical voyages for its guests.

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