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SeaWorld’s User-Generated Content Coaster Campaign

When it comes to theme parks, I usually don’t stray too far from either Anaheim or Orlando, but this is too cool a project to pass without mentioning. SeaWorld already has a contest where you can submit your photos of the park and be entered to win free park tickets. That’s for the whole SeaWorld brand.

This takes that idea to the next level and applies it to a specific attraction. SeaWorld San Antonio is opening their own version of the popular Atlantis Roller Coaster/Water ride. There’s an attraction website, blog, and the ability to submit your own photos/videos (via Flickr, Veoh, and YouTube) to the site. If I lived closer to San Antonio, I would be all over this.

This is exactly the sort of social media experiments I’d love to see the Walt Disney Company doing. They did something close (albeit semi-fictional) with the opening of Expedition Everest, but all the openings since then have been ‘mew.’

When you visit the website, make sure you check out the simulated ride videos they have up already. This is a behemoth of an attraction with two giant pivot tables at the top. That’s a ton of thrill factor right there.