Home made Groot costume for under $100

10527323_10153025055076124_780402979283816721_nI’ve already seen some amazing cosplay characters from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. In fact, two local cosplay artists were hired by Disney to be Gamora and Starlord at the recent “Unlead the Villains” event at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Those were pretty cool, but this home made Groot costume is simply fantastic.

Calen Hoffman does make some pretty amazing custom cosplay props at Propcustomz, but his tutorial to make Groot is quite detailed and uses materials you can find just about anywhere there’s a hobby store and home improvement store. Those feeling courageous can probably do this themselves at home.

In order to create the rough tree-like look of the costume, Hoffman used tissue paper in a paper-mache glue and water mixture to add a bark like texture over foam pipe insulation attached to a body suit. Moss, he got from a hobby store’s train aisle, adds that great detail.