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How to Draw: 10 Disney Princesses


Arist Nyko of Tahiti, whose fan art of the upcoming Disney animated feature Moana, we’ve featured on the blog, has just come out with a tutorial that will help you learn to draw 10 different Disney Princesses.

“I wanted to create this project because there are not a lot of simple tutorials on YouTube for draw all the Disney princesses using a simple and same technique,” Nyko said.

Start on this index video and click on the face of the Princess you’re most interested in learning how to draw. Nyko then takes you through how to create each princess line-by-line.

While Nyko used Photoshop, you can start with just one pencil and paper for the drawing and a felt-tip pen or pencil for painting in colors.

I appreciate the effort it took Nyko to create these videos. But I found myself having to hit pause very often to keep up. The good news, is that if you’re done a few of Disney’s official “How to Draw” series, you’ll see some of the same technique in these videos, which should make it easier.

In 2021, Disney kicked off the first ever World Disney Princess week.

We know that Disney princesses are cherished for their courage and kindness. Do you have a favorite princess that inspires you with their heart of gold?

So get out your pencil and paper and show us your best Princess drawing?