Disney’s rehashing a bit of previously announced news here, but it’s good news, so I’m all aboard. The Enchanted Tiki Room will be ditching the ‘New Management’ and returning to a show that is clearly rooted in the traditional, original, show. Some nearby areas of Adventureland are also rumored to be getting a touch up.

The big date is now targeted for August 15th. Which, sadly is a Monday, but I guess I can head down after work. Will anyone else be going?

Read the rest of Disney’s press release below the jump:

Welcome to Disneyland! Before entering the park, please stop by our Medical and Psychological Screening Pavillion for initial clearance, then sign this small Guest Waiver form (or you may download the 96-page document from Disney.com prior to your trip here). Once these steps are completed, you may purchase a One-Day ticket from our booths at