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The Disney Store

Disney regains control of The Disney Stores today

The failed experiment that was The Children’s Place attempt to run The Disney Stores is now officially over. Disney takes back operations today after The Children’s Place had to file for bankruptcy in the subsidiaries that ran The Disney Stores. In 2000, there were 741… Read More »Disney regains control of The Disney Stores today

The Disney Stores possibly returning to Disney

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that The Children’s Place is looking to do a return on The Disney Stores back to The Walt Disney Company. I hope they kept the receipt. Children’s Place Retail Stores Inc. is ready to let the Walt Disney Co. take… Read More »The Disney Stores possibly returning to Disney

Update on The Disney Store

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Kyodo News reports on restructuring The Disney Store in Japan, which are owned and operated by the same company that owns and operates the Disney theme parks in Japan. Oriental Land Co., the operator of Tokyo Disney Resort, will close some of its stores that sell Disney merchandise and revamp operations at its other outlets… Read More »Update on The Disney Store

New Trend in Disney?

From Scotland of all places, we have news of a new Toy phenomenom sweeping Japan and soon the world. Of course the article is silent on one important detail… what are these little buggers called? Any ideas? Andy Mooney, Disney’s global chairman of consumer products said: "We literally have a phenomenon exploding that just started… Read More »New Trend in Disney?

$101 Million Dollar Deal

At 101 million dollars the Disney Store deal seems like a real steal. The Children’s Palce CEO says they’re likely to make up that cost during this holiday season. Also mentioned in the story is the final tally of stores that changed hands in this deal – 313. That’s less than half the number of… Read More »$101 Million Dollar Deal

Disney Store Deal Official

CNBC and Reuter’s has breaking news that Children’s Place and Disney have made official the deal transfering control of the stores to the children’s retailer. It’s a shame that the cast members who worked hard to make The Disney Stores magical are getting the short end of the stick here. For instance, employees of the… Read More »Disney Store Deal Official

Disney Store Benefits

The most recent comment on the Disney Store thread by ‘Billy’ mentions the new status of Disney Discounts and Benefits that will be available to employees of The Disney Store now that they have been purchased by The Children’s Place. If Billy’s post is true, then it looks like The Disney Stores will end up… Read More »Disney Store Benefits

Disney Store, further analysis

Children’s Place does hope to open up a Disney Store Outlet chain which would be a driver for growth while decreasing the need to liquidate inside the main retail stores. Some things that will not change is that the Disney Store will continue to sell adult merchandise as well as theme park tickets. Over on… Read More »Disney Store, further analysis