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New Trend in Disney?

From Scotland of all places, we have news of a new Toy phenomenom sweeping Japan and soon the world. Of course the article is silent on one important detail… what are these little buggers called? Any ideas?

Andy Mooney, Disney’s global chairman of consumer products said: "We
literally have a phenomenon exploding that just started days ago.

"Kids have started to create a language between each other based on the
costume the character is wearing. If it’s wearing a certain costume it
means ‘I’m happy’. If it’s another it means ‘I have a boyfriend’.

I wonder how ‘on the edge of cool’ Disney can manage to be and not make fools of themselves?  Of course, the real news in the article is buried in the last paragraph.

News of the toy craze comes as Disney edges closer to a sale of its
European stores operation. Mooney said the shortlist for bidders is
down to just two.

So now we know that Disney is close to selling off the Europe extensions of The Disney Store. I think that will be the whole kit and kaboodle as Japan’s stores have always been operated by TLC.