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No Choice Election 2005

With the CALpers administrator out the door, the search for a new CEO well underway (we hope), and Eisner’s departure scheduled for June 2005 (or shortly there after), there has been precious little news from Roy Disney’s campaign. And now we know why.

It turns out they are mostly content with the changes that are in process and as such won’t even be suggesting an alternate slate of candidates for the board. So, even if the majority of stockholders want change on the board, it won’t be coming from SaveDisney’s corner.

I’m more than a little disappointed by this. As Thomas Jefferson believed a little revolution every now and then is a good thing. It shakes up the normal order and allows new possibilities and paradigms to arise. The Walt Disney Company is still in desparate need to reinvent itself, erase those horrible branding mistakes of the mid to late 90s through today, and focus on a message that will serve the Disney name well going forward for at least the next 20 years.

Will a new CEO be enough to affect this course correction and right the listing ship? We shall see.