Star Wars

Star Wars 7,8,9?

This is slightly off topic. Except for wondering when the Star Tours attraction film will be updated, there really is little way of sliding Star Wars in under the Disney banner. That said, here’s an interesting interview with Mark Hamill, yes Luke Skywalker himself, where… Read More »Star Wars 7,8,9?

That’s Incredible!

Another review of the Pixar Session at Comic-con, featuring Director Brad Bird of the Incredibles, and more details on exactly what was shown to the audience, this time from brings you a slightly irreverant, often insightful look at Movie News. A Good source… Read More »That’s Incredible!

The Last Star Wars Title?

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. Yeah, I’m sure every blog in the universe will be posting about this. But hey. What’s a bandwagon without jumping on. I’d love to have your opinion on the title in the comments below. The new title was announced… Read More »The Last Star Wars Title?