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seven dwarfs mine train

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Interactive Queue at Night

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train standby queue features three interactive games you can play while passing the time. Projects like these are considered part of the Next-Gen technology that’s being introduced with MyMagic+.effectiveffe The first element is a trough game where you sort gems by… Read More »Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Interactive Queue at Night

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Fun Facts and Official Photos

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

The following facts and photos were supplied by Walt Disney World press and publicity in the official press kit for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Spoilers ahead, you’ve been warned:

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, in the Enchanted Forest of New Fantasyland (Magic Kingdom), is a family coaster inspired by the film classic “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” that takes Walt Disney World Resort guests into the famous mine, glittering with diamonds, rubies, and other precious gems, where the Seven Dwarfs sing happily as they work.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is almost completely “on stage.” With its location in the middle of New Fantasyland, guests aboard the rockin’ coaster are afforded amazing views from all angles.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

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Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – Last Update Before Media Preview


One last Seven Dwarfs Mine Train mini-update before the big media preview later today. Work on last minute details continued yesterday and, although a few hopefuls waited it out, there were no soft openings in the offing. As for when it might open to the public, I’m hearing two stories. From one camp comes the assertion that the roller coaster will be open to guests as soon as Friday evening or perhaps this Saturday morning. From the other camp comes the worrying report that the test and adjust phase continues as they work on making the cars themselves work a little better on the attraction and deal with problems with the audio-animatronics in the show scenes.

They also have to do some work installing a permanent sprinkler system meant to run during nightly fireworks as Snow White’s Mountain exists inside the fallout zone. The question is, can the open to guests with the temporary system in place now or will they have to wait until the final system is installed?

As the big media preview commences today, you might want to go back in time to watch Seven Dwarfs Mine Train come to life via the 20+ videos assembled in our New Fantasyland Playlist on YouTube. Below are a few more photos taken from around Snow White’s mountain yesterday.

Follow Walt Disney’s seven dwarfs as they welcome you to their cottage and mine for a tour

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

The final section of wall has come down at last to reveal, the cast member entrance to the attraction down that hall.


A temporary stage has been erected for the Media preview event today and ribbon cutting tomorrow.Read More »Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – Last Update Before Media Preview

All the Walls are Down at Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – April Construction Update #3


All the Walls are Down at Seven Dwarfs Mine Train giving us our best view yet of the queue area, and finally revealing all the exterior track on the roller coaster. Sounds like a good excuse for our third update this April.

There was still quite a bit of finishing and touch up work going on. Among some painting and landscaping, Imagineers were tinkering with the new interactive queue elements and the ubiquitous on-ride photo was being installed while we were there. Cast members are telling guests it will open sometime next month. However, media have been invited for a ribbon cutting ceremony to be held on May 2nd. Everything is subject to change, of course.

There are a few elements around the track that have me worried. It looks like they’ve jury-rigged evacuation lighting around part of the track. They might have to make that more permanent before it can open to guests. But the good news is they have been testing the coaster with people, and even filmed a commercial recently.

Here’s some video taken of newly opened areas:

I hope they’re able to open it soon, it looks amazing. Head below the jump for a huge gallery of photos of the newly exposed areas.

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