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Interactive Queue Element from Seven Dwarfs Mine Train


A few days ago Disney released this preview of one interactive element that will be featured in the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train standby queue. Kinda reminds me of one of the games they added to Space Mountain’s queue a few years ago.

We had a long update of the queue area yesterday, but I wanted to highlight a couple of those photos again, just to tie-in with the preview photo above.

First is a photo with instructions from on how to play the above game.

Interactive element instructions

Catch the Jewels as they float past then match’em up but ya gotta work fast! – Doc

We also know there will be at least one other interactive element since the instructions for it were visible too.

Instructions for 2nd game

Just wave your hands right under the spout to make the water and mist pour out! – Doc

Assuming all goes as planned, I’ll be interviewing the team of Imagineers who worked on these interactive games and features later this week. Are there any particular questions you would like me to ask? Let me know in the comments below.

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    1. They have press and travel agents coming by to ride it on Thursday night. A ribbon cutting ceremony is scheduled for Friday. But everything could change and no official date has been announced.

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