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The Wizards of Waverly Place Return in Alex Vs Alex

A year after they said “Goodbye” the cast of Wizards of Waverly place have come together one last time. The whole cast will participate in the one hour movie reunion special, except David Henrie who played older brother Justin Russo. Due to a scheduling conflict… Read More »The Wizards of Waverly Place Return in Alex Vs Alex

Wizards of Waverly Place Reunion coming in 2013

Only shortly after the show had its series finale, Disney Channel has announced that a reunion one-hour special will premiere in early 2013. This special will include all original cast members reprising their roles. The story is pretty simple (and to tell you the truth,… Read More »Wizards of Waverly Place Reunion coming in 2013

Princess Protection Program on DVD, so soon


I sat down to watch my DVR’d version of Disney Channel’s “Princess Protection Program” with my 6 year old son tonight with low expectations of it keeping our attention. But I need not have worried. PPP is a great movie in the classic Disney mold that we both enjoyed watching all the way through. In the 60s or 70s PPP would have been released to theaters, albeit with slightly better actors in the villain role, it is that good.

Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, the two actors who are asked to carry this film, have both been labeled as Disney’s hope for the future when Miley Cyrus finally moves on to her next thing. Gomez had the more meaty roll and really carried the film, a good sign for future work from her. Lovato definitely had the poise required to be a princess, but lacks the acting chops of Anne Hathaway in the Princess Diaries, but the fact that she compares at all says something.

Once you get past the films main conceit, the existence of, and need for, a Princess Protection Agency, the plot flows naturally from there. The adventure comedy is about two very different girls – a princess from a small kingdom and a small town girl who, when fate brings them together, must team up to help the would-be queen pass for a regular teen. Lots of great lessons are included in the film, but they mostly avoid hitting you over the head with them. Always a bonus.

As is Disney’s habit these days, they’ve already released a DVD with extra features you don’t get on The Disney Channel just 4 days after the movie’s cable debut.

The full press release is below the cut:

Update: I had the actors reversed as to which was the princess Rosie. That’s what I get for writing so late at night. It’s fixed now

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