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Wizards of Waverly Place Reunion coming in 2013

Only shortly after the show had its series finale, Disney Channel has announced that a reunion one-hour special will premiere in early 2013. This special will include all original cast members reprising their roles.

The story is pretty simple (and to tell you the truth, not something I would pick for a reunion show, but I am not the head of Disney Channel!), the Russo family heads to Tuscany Italy (I know…RANDOM!) to meet up with some long lost relatives. Along the way, trying to prove she is a good wizard, she creates a spell that duplicates herself, Soap-Opera-Evil-Twin style. When Bad Alex starts trying to destroy the world, Good Alex must save her family and the rest of mankind by battling herself atop…wait for it…The Tower of Pisa.

WHAT?!?! Though it does sound completely random and odd, I am still super excited for it. This was probably the last Disney Channel show that premiered during my regular viewing days (I could argue Suite Life On Deck…but I was much more invested in Wizards), so to see them on my screen again will be a pleasure. My only problem is…it is so soon! I would have waited until AT LEAST 2014. That gives people enough time to feel reminiscent.

This is also a big jump for Selena Gomez. This will be her first experience in the world of executive producing. That is a pretty big feat for someone who used to guest star on Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Now she has control over what she is starring in. This also begs the question, will she start producing more for Disney Channel? If this is successful, will Selena continue to star in Disney TV shows/movies? Who knows, but you bet your bottom dollar that if this thing does baffo in the ratings, people will start writing up a script for a 2014 reunion immediately!

This whole scenario also brings up another question…will this make them want to do more reunions? When I heard this announcement, I started thinking…and if tomorrow Disney announced “We are going to also do a That’s So Raven reunion”…I would literally die from happiness. That’s So Raven was by far my favorite Disney Channel show of all-time, and not only does it have a huge amount of fans, but it also has been off the air long enough for people to actually yearn to see the Baxter crew back on their TV screens.

Are you excited that Wizards of Waverly Place is returning, even though it is just for one hour? Would you like to see Selena Gomez continue doing stuff on the Disney Channel? Isn’t That’s So Raven the best Disney Channel show ever?! Let me know in the comments below! Until next time…Have a Magical Day!

77 thoughts on “Wizards of Waverly Place Reunion coming in 2013”

  1. I didn’t watch Wizards, but I, too, would LOVE a That’s So Raven reunion. It was such a great show. It, Phil of the Future, and Even Stevens were my favorite Disney channel shows. I’d take seeing any of them as reunions, though I doubt Shia LeBoeuf would be up for that… ;)

    1. i love the wizards of waverly place seris…(this is just random
      ) but i couldnt believe that icarly finished to im sad that all the good shows ended and they are all making DUMB shows

      1. I agree too….ant farm is ok and so is that dog with a blog….but I grew up with those shows and I’m sad there gone

      2. The reason iCarly stopped airing is because Miranda Cosgrove is going to collegde. Sorry I cant spell. Do you think stars should devote thier entire lives for the shows they are on? They have a life too.

  2. It is not random that they are going to Italy I remember from and episode that Alex(Selena Gomez) dad was italian so that explains why they are going to italy for their long lost relatives. Oh and no I am not a child I just watched the show because my little sister kept hogging the Freaking remote and I was forced to watch this.

  3. My guest Disney have a last contract with Selena before expire end of 2012 therefore managing team is asking her to star in the movie. Also, She requested (She want get experience) to produce the movie too. I don’t watch Waverly place but seen my nephews and nieces watch them. Since they are doing father side of the story, why not another movie about mother side too on Waverly Place.

  4. My younger sister and brother cried when this ended last year, they’ll be so excited to hear it is having a one time reunion! I have to admit, I am also a little excited as well, I always would watch this show with my siblings and grew to like it. I hope this goes well, so that there will be more reunions in the future!!(Phil of the Future, That’s So Raven, Cory in the House, Suit Life of Zach and Cody, Even Stevens….there’s so much to work with!!!)

    1. omg meee to i miss suit life of zack and cody on deck and in the hotel its sooo sad they not comming back but i am still rellly rellly excited for wiserds … to bad its a only one time thing :(

  5. I loved wizards of waverly place! Omg! This is so exiting!! I wish they could come back on air though not just for one episode but for many many more seasons!!! :(

  6. i am like soooo mad that they are only doing 1 show and also you just told me what it was about….wouldn’t you think that people would be surprised…. i am 9 and smarter than you.

  7. This really random, I mean I am excited for the reunion because I loved Wizards! I wouldn’t care too much for a That So Raven reunion; I watched more of Lizzie McGuire and Even Stevens those I would definitely would love too see! or Hannah Montana in the future but I doubt either one of those shows would come back for a reunion. I would still watch the reunion of That’s So Raven just because that would be pretty cool. Even though the Wizards reunion is random and pretty soon to have one I’m still excited about it and will be tuning in:)

  8. I am very excited for a reunion because I was very upset about the ending of the show… But I would not want a “That’s so Raven” reunion, I hated that show lol

  9. i saw something about this so did research. i heard it was ging to be wizards VS werewolves though. in any case im excited to see all the russos back. and also think a wizard vampire wedding between justin and juliet.

  10. I love this show. I really want it to come back forever. But they are all growing up and should go their seprate ways. When it goes off imma cry for a week like I did when the suit life on deck ( zach andd cody ) had end that’s so raven even stevens kim possiable and lizzie miguare ( think I spelled that right ) lol. I LOVE ALL THOSE SHOWS. MISS THEM :'(

  11. Yes I thank that on Raven was one of the best show on Disney and I watched it all the time and I would like it to come back place.

    1. Its good that wizard of Waverly place is coming back I did like Cory in the house, Suit life of Zach and Cody, Even Stevens and Lizzie Mcguire

  12. OMG!! im so excited to see it coming back on for an hour i really do want them to do more shows i cryed a little when they ended the show so im so happy and i really wish they would do a reunion for hannah montana and thats so raven cuz i used to watch those shows all the time :DDD

  13. I love the cast of wizard of waverly place. they were so good in their roles. best roles were alex getting her lessons from her mom when she told her she was grounded. in the movie they played. the stars are super. and talents. more of them. please!

  14. I for one wish that they use this show as a spin off to a new show that follows alex and Justin in the wizard world were Justin is teaching at wiz tech and alex does something that makes her have to be at wiz tech for some reason either as a punishment or as a teacher of some sort

    this would be cool

  15. Omg I would take any of my life to see wizards again and id love to see that’s so raven on Tv again. You know boy meets world is comming back!!!!!! <3

  16. well am very happy that there’s going to be a movie , by me reading this so far I know its going to be a great movie , why don’t they do this for half of the shows that was a hit before ? Like “That’s So Raven” or even “Hanna Montana” now those were famous t.v shows :) am only 16 , I stop watching Disney because all of those shows left now that ya making a movie , I won’t mind watching it again <3

  17. I honostly love wizards of waverly places I’m 20 yo and I still watch Disney channle and listen to radio Disney I myself have a huge crush on selena gomez and I am happy they are coming back in 2013 I and my younger sister watched Disney channle from rue time we had cable in our bedrooms too now and always will be a huge Disney fan

  18. I agree with Jennifer! I hate all the new Disney shows! The only good one that is still on is Good Luck Charlie. I am still so excited for wizards of waverly place! I loved that show so much! It’s AWESOME to see it back on the screen!

  19. I love wizards of waverly place, and my mom, too. for me that was thebest show in disney. i would love for a wizard reunion or the best would be if they continue with another season.

    i love your ideas´ reply., to hear yours…

  20. Selena should keep doing show on Disney channel I love her acting
    And would love to see her on shows on Disney channel shows
    I love her as an actress

  21. I love wizards, now there are new stupid shows like dog with a blog, it’s only been on for 2 months and there are only 3 episodes(stupid). I hate ant farm there is nothing interesting about it and its stupid

  22. Wizards of Waverly Place should never have left the air and should come back Permanently show best show ever!!!!!!! The whole cast rocks!!!!!!

  23. It would be so cool if they made a follow up tv show like they did with suite life of Zach and Cody, and Suite life on Deck. They could easily make one because Jake is going to own the Sun Station, so that could be funny and David is the Professor so that could be interesting, and Selena is a Family Wizard, so dangerous things could happen. They should really do that because its not like they are to old for Disney Channel and they’ll have a bunch of fans still!

  24. I want to see selena moree & she should make more song i miss her disney should have day when the reunite all the old shows i miss them sooo much im happy for this one- hour show i cannot wait to see it. Love TearBear((:

  25. I am watching wizards of waverly place right now and was just thinking that I really miss it and then it said it was coming back to do a big battle in 2013! I can not wait it will be soooo awesome!!!! I miss alex and I miss the old disney. I wish that they would stay young forever and they could do alot more seasons and shows. And I hope Selena does star in more shows for disney or in other shows and movies. She is a really good actress!!!(:

  26. I’m sad that wizards ended and suite life on deck andthays so raven because I grew up with those show and the show they have on know are boring

  27. Wizards needs to come back because that’s the only show that I grew up with that was still on Disney channel.

  28. I really miss the old shows but the shows now aren’t that bad but I only watch 4-5 shows and some movies. But if thy did have a that so raven reunion I would love it and it would be even better if they did that so raven and Cory and the house

  29. i love wizards of waverly place but i cant say its my fav. i cant say any of the disney channle shows are my faves even though i love all of them i can only say tht lab rats on disney XD is my fav. but to the cast of wizards of waverly place plz dont give up,plz keep making wizards of waverly place episodes aleast until 2023 because ill be 18 and ill probally stop watching disney channle by then so dont give up. u guys (and ladies) are awsome actors on tht show so plz dont ever stop but if u do plz replay the other ones becaus i wnt my lids in the future to watch ur show because i know they will love it just like i do. :D

  30. i love wizards of waverly place so plz dont stop making them because they are funny and awsome and plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz show the new show already i cant wait and can u remind me someone is it wizards v wizards?

  31. I think its great they are doing a wizards reunion, but I wish they were starting a new series where you see how Alex, Justin and Max face the world now that they had the wizard competition. This is my favorite all time show, I didnt get to watch much of Thats So Raven so I can’t comment on something I dont know about. I also miss the twins from the suite life. I wish they also made a reunion. It sucks that all the good shows have ended (wizards, sweet life, lizzie mc guire, icarly, etc…) now all you watch on disney channel and Nick is lame. Dog with a blog, Austin and Ally, Ant Farm, Marvin Marvin, Fish Hooks, Lab Rats, Kickin It, Phineas and Ferb etc. In my opinion the only new show that is fun to watch is good luck charlie and even that isnt great. Lets cross our fingers so that the next new shows are better and so that they have reunions of more of our favorite shows.

  32. i was so shocked in suprise when i heard wizards of waverly place is coming back even though its only one hr I new they couldn’t just leave us hanging we want to know more i wish so badly that they would make another season but since they wont i guess 1 hr of it being back will be AWESOME

  33. I am a die hard fan of the disney channel shows all of them. Personally I think they should have never of ended wizards. I mean they should have started another season. By them not making another season it makes pple wonder how alex russo made out with being the family wizard. I think they should continue the wizards of waverly place.

  34. I love disney shows! I’m a sophomore in high school. Idc what other people think. You know i’d like to see a Kim Possible reuinion! I miss that show! But when is this show coming back on? It’s one of my favorites…

  35. I misd these shows that’s so raven even stevens kim possiable and lizzie miguare :-D and my favorite is that’s so raven

  36. Ikr..the only show that’s the best is Good Luck Charlie, all the others are really boring. I grew up with Hannah Montana, Kim Possible, That’s So Raven, Cory in the House, etc. Those shows are the best ever! I love them, not the newest ones. I mean really, and dog that can talk? Stan’s eyes look different when he speaks, almost like they’re fake.(they probably are)

  37. I really hope Wizards of Waverly Place comes back for a completely new season! I miss it so much. I Love Alex’s character me and my friends still talk about how if Alex was real I would be her. :) Best show ever

    1. Yah I LOVE wizzards of waverly place SOOOO much I saw every episode
      Like 20 times and I think they should toltolly bring back
      Wizzards if waverly place for a nother season or more!!
      I love you wizzards of waverly place!!

  38. I love Wizards of Waverly Place it’s my favorite show on Disney Channel, I wad super sad when it ended, bug now I’m SO excited to see it come back!!!

  39. Ikr LOVE wizards of eagerly place btw it would be SO AMAZING if they continued the season just for a little while longer like they did with Hannah Montana. In my opinion they could do a follow up with Mason and Alex getting married, then they could bring Juliet back. I mean we’ve seen a wedding before on disney channel before with the lead characters. And it’s from Disney so shouldn’t there be a “HAPPILY EVER AFTER?”

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