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Jay Rasulo Talks Up Disney’s Fiscal Future

Financially, this last quarter may have been a bit rougher than The Walt Disney Company forecasted, but things are alright now. At least according to CFO Jay Rasulo. One of the things new studio boss Alan Horn has been doing is reviewing all existing film… Read More »Jay Rasulo Talks Up Disney’s Fiscal Future

Disneyland Paris Reports Improved Revenue

After accounting for a one time real estate deal, the finances at Euro-Disney SCA, the operating company for Disneyland Paris, are still looking relatively rosy. Revenues for the 3rd quarter of 2011 grew 6.7% over last year. The parks and hotels segments both improved driving… Read More »Disneyland Paris Reports Improved Revenue

Disney Announces 2nd Quarter Results

Yesterday the Walt Disney Company announced its second quarter profit report. (FYI, DIS FYE is October.) Yeah, profit declined a bit, 1.2%, for the whole company. But all in all revenue is up and expenses should be rising as the company attempts to restart its… Read More »Disney Announces 2nd Quarter Results

Dancing With The Stars: Week 8 Results Show

Please welcome guest recap author Brittany Vollmer. The Disney Chick will return next week with her regular coverage. The results show kicked off with Kyle & Lacey doing last night’s Jive. It was within the first five minutes that the couple learned they were safe… Read More »Dancing With The Stars: Week 8 Results Show

Analysts Mixed on Disney’s Potential

Yesterday we saw mixed messages from stock analysts on the earnings potential of the Walt Disney Company of the rest of the year. One analyst is eating a bit of crow after predicting that Pixar’s UP would tank. He graciously admitted his bad in the… Read More »Analysts Mixed on Disney’s Potential

Disney to Report 3rd Quarter Numbers, will softening be revealed?

The Walt Disney Company will report its 3rd quarter fiscal results this Wednesday. We await a look at how the weak performing Narnia: Prince Caspian affected the studios performance and if rising gas prices and reduced flight schedules have already begun to change the numbers… Read More »Disney to Report 3rd Quarter Numbers, will softening be revealed?

Disney Beats Wall Street Estimates, profits up

Disney released it’s second quarter earnings after the closing bell on Wall Street today. The results look good for the mouse house with movies (led by Enchanted, Hannah Montana, and National Treasure 2) and theme parks (not affected by the slow economy yet) leading the… Read More »Disney Beats Wall Street Estimates, profits up