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Dancing With The Stars: Week 8 Results Show

Please welcome guest recap author Brittany Vollmer. The Disney Chick will return next week with her regular coverage.

The results show kicked off with Kyle & Lacey doing last night’s Jive. It was within the first five minutes that the couple learned they were safe and going to dance in the semi-finals! No surprise there- Kyle had a great night in both of his dances.

The first guest performer was Taio Cruz singing his hit song “Dynamite”. The dancers were great and so was his entire vocal performance.

Following up his performance….John Legend then took the stage with The Roots.

Brooke Burke had a one on one with three of the remaining five contestants to get their outlook on last night’s scores and overall their dances from the show. Jennifer, Kurt and Brandy all remained positive…Brandy even cracked a joke about how she handled the conflict between Maks & Carrie Ann….her answer? “Just stay out of it.”

After a commercial break, Kurt and Jennifer made their way to the stage to hear the results. Jennifer and Derek were the second couple to be told they were safe. So it was sort of a no brainer that Kurt & Ana would be told they were still in jeopardy.

It’s always nice when Dancing with the Stars puts the spotlight on kid fans that enjoy dance. Five young kids were able to perform the Jive on the show- who knows maybe that could be the cast of Season 35!

John Legend then came back to the show to perform “Ordinary People” with The Roots. It was a very beautiful song and dance routine done by the Stars was very emotion filled and beautiful. Yes- I’m a girl who loves slow dance moves! (Don’t Judge)!

The next couple to learn they were safe…..was…. Bristol & Mark, which meant Brandy & Maks joined Kurt and Ana in jeopardy. Surprised? I guess you could say I was…I really thought Bristol would be the next contestant to go.

So which couple were the ones that were voted off? Was it Brandy who was at the top of the leaderboard? Or was it Kurt who was 9 points behind the leaders….

Bruno said if Kurt were to go home tonight the show would lose a ‘real gentleman & A true American Idol’. Carrie Ann said she believed Brandy would be in the finals. So who was it that got sent home?

Drums roll please—– Kurt & Ana. Like I said, I wasn’t expecting Kurt to go home…but between him and Brandy I guess it was his turn.

Next week the final 4 will dance in the semi-finals to make it into the next week!

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