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Analysts Mixed on Disney’s Potential

Yesterday we saw mixed messages from stock analysts on the earnings potential of the Walt Disney Company of the rest of the year. One analyst is eating a bit of crow after predicting that Pixar’s UP would tank. He graciously admitted his bad in the NY Times yesterday, but stoutly refused to upgrade his prediction that Disney remains a stock you should sell and not buy.

The same day another analyst says that Disney should have better than expected earnings. (The comments at this link are worth reading too.) This is largely due to all the job cuts the company made starting to pay off in cost-savings. Of course, there’s that question of did they cut too much, especially at the parks and resorts where guest safety and guest experience is so crucial to generating repeat business.

The Walt Disney Company announces their results on July 30th… care to make any predictions?

2 thoughts on “Analysts Mixed on Disney’s Potential”

  1. Advising investors to divest their holdings in a multimedia conglomerate in a down economy is a bit silly really. The entertainment industry is recession-proof, and Disney’s increasing presence in the virtually invulnerable video games market should help them to keep doing fine.

    Revenues, but not profits, at the parks will probably be down. Profit from the Parks may be either steady or only slightly down.

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