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Rob Shahan

Dancing with the Stars, Week 6 Recap

Hi there everyone and welcome to this week’s Dancing with the Stars Recap. Last week we saw Carson Kressley get kicked off the dance floor, this week DWTS celebrated the Great White Way and Broadway.

During Rehearsal Week, Rob Kardashian’s mother Kris Jenner dropped by the dance studio to offer Rob some words of encouragement. Jenner said Rob has gone from a boy to a man and she was proud of him. She said Rob used to be a shy boy who could never do something like this. Jenner said Rob has a lot of competition against people who are used to being competitive and added it’s time for Rob to do the job and it’s time to kick some ass and he can’t be nice anymore! Such mother’s love, she kisses her son with that mouth? J Rob said he was ready to “kick some butt”, glad to see his language was cleaner than his mom’s!

Rob and his dance partner Cheryl led the show off with the Cha-cha-cha to Walk like a Man from Jersey Boys (p.s. It doesn’t get any better than Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons!). Rob opened the song with a nice little butt shimmy and then gave the crowd some big hip thrusts. He displayed nice footwork and technique but seemed a little too focused on technique and was a bit stiff throughout the dance.

Judge Len said it was clean and precise and good timing but the Cha-cha-cha has got to show rhythm and to Len there was no rhythm tonight and was a bit “stiff and starchy (Reminder to self: pick up my dry cleaning tomorrow). I must be getting better at this; even I recognized Rob seemed stiff. Judge Bruno said it’s Opening Night on Broadway and he has to take it on full board from the beginning. He added the dance was adequate but didn’t have the impact or power it should have and that Rob has to be in charge and more forceful with his movements. Judge Carrie Ann said it wasn’t as great as Rob’s performance last week but she saw much more charisma coming from him than she ever has. She said Rob is right on the cusp of being a man on the dance floor; he’s not a kid, not a man but an adolescent and getting there.

Rob’s overall score from the judges: 22.

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