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Dancing with the Stars Week 6 Results Show Recap

Hi there everyone and welcome to this week’s Dancing with the Stars Results Show Recap for Week 6. Last night our contestants danced to themes from Broadway, who will get kicked from the Great White Way this week?

Here is a look at the Week 6 leader board:

1st place: Tie between J.R. Martinez and Ricki Lake with 29 points each
3rd place: Nancy Grace with 24 points
4th place: David Arquette with 23 points
5th place: Rob Kardashian with 22 points
6th place: Hope Solo with 20 points
7th place: Chaz Bono with 19 points

Week 6 co-leader J.R. was the first contestant to find out his fate, he’s money once again and safe this week.

Nancy Grace was asked if she thought she was a contender. She said that J.R. was a hard act to follow and asked if people knew J.R. was a war hero, as if to insinuate that the only way he is surviving the show is by playing the war hero card. I have been watching all season and don’t recall a single instance when J.R. played the war hero card by telling Dancing Nation: “Vote for me, I’m a war hero”.

The next 2 contestants to learn their future was Nancy and Ricki (co-leader from Week 6), both were deemed safe this week.

David and Chaz were the next contestants on the hot seat with David learning he will be back for next week’s competition with Chaz deemed to be in jeopardy and possibly not coming back for Week 7.

Rob and Hope were next to having their dancing future revealed with Rob making it to next week and Hope in jeopardy of not returning.

That left Chaz and Hope on the final dancing chopping block to see who goes home and who gets to stay: Dancing Nation has spoken and Chaz was kicked off the dance floor forever!

Nice job this season Chaz, keep working on your dancing skills, it was fun to watch you this year.

Tune in next week for Week 7 of Dancing with the Stars; it should be a spooky fun Halloween episode!

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