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Disneyland Paris Reports Improved Revenue

After accounting for a one time real estate deal, the finances at Euro-Disney SCA, the operating company for Disneyland Paris, are still looking relatively rosy. Revenues for the 3rd quarter of 2011 grew 6.7% over last year. The parks and hotels segments both improved driving most of the growth with many more guests from the UK visiting than that year prior.

Commenting on the results, Philippe Gas, Chief Executive Officer of Euro Disney S.A.S, said:

“Our third quarter Resort revenues ended up 7% to the prior year, driven by increases in attendance, occupancy and guest spending. The growth in our Resort business for the nine months has been sufficient to compensate for the significant property sale we had in the third quarter of last year, resulting in Group revenues up 1% to last year.

In April we launched the Disney Magical Moments Festival and are thrilled to reintroduce the popular Tarzan Encounter stage show this summer. As part of this celebration, our Cast Members continue to deliver great guest service, creating those special magical moments for all our visitors.“

Increased revenue by itself is a good sign. However, without knowing what expenses were it tells us very little about the overall health of the resort. Still, increased hotel bookings and improved traffic from the UK is something they can build on. Let’s hope they can keep the momentum going.

4 thoughts on “Disneyland Paris Reports Improved Revenue”

  1. A friend and I visited for 4 days in November 2010 with a lot of planning and research beforehand. We stayed at the Cheyenne, which in spite of being one of two of the least expensive options, is absolutely the most themed of any of their hotels, and really a fun space within a scenic short walk to the parks. Disneyland Paris is really beautiful. The landscaping and some attractions are really better than some of what I’ve seen in the U.S. The castle is amazing. Big Thunder Mountain is spectacular. Alternately, something went terribly wrong with the evolution of the Haunted Mansion. I made sure to soak in the good experiences, because I won’t ever go back. In spite of so many “Disney” elements being in place, the special feeling of being in a Disney theme park was almost completely missing there. The visit cost more than any U.S. Disney vacation I’d taken before- even worse when considering the value of the dollar, and yet with only one exception the food was beyond unacceptable, and the very limited customer service I required was astoundingly insulting. I visited fully expecting to spend a lot of money and understood that I wasn’t in the U.S.. We left feeling totally ripped off. I felt embarrassed as my friend had never been to a Disney Park. I’d love to see this park succeed, but it seems to have some fundamental problems, some of which might be perhaps that difficult to quantify “Disney magic” feeling found in a U.S. park perhaps is not translatable to other cultures?

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