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Tokyo Disneyland Resort Posts Unsurprising Decline

To no one’s surprise Oriental Land Company, the operating company for Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, reported a sizable revenue decline for the previous quarter. The after effects of the March 11th earthquake meant a 43% drop in revenue over the same quarter last year.

Both parks were closed for over a month after the quake-triggered liquefaction damage to the parking lots and rolling blackouts prevented energy challenges. The company reported that even after both parks returned to regular operations visitor numbers did not return to previous levels.

Both parks did survive the quake relatively undamaged, which means repair costs were minimal, but full recovery is probably a long way off for Japan and Tokyo Disney probably won’t return to previous levels until that happens. But it will return.

(Via NHK)

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  6. We were so impressed with Tokyo Disney and Disney Sea! We were there for 4 days in August, 2011, and after losing my Maui Jim sunglasses on a ride, someone called and left a message at our hotel the very next day that they’d found them. Further, they mailed them to me in the U.S. and refused to let me reimburse them for the postage! Now, that’s customer service!! : )

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