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Princess Style with Skye

Are you a Disney Princess in your heart? If so you might want to check out Princess Skye’s Princess Portal. Skye draws inspiration from Disney’s many Princesses including The Princess Diaries. She recently discussed how to write your own Princess Code and attended a play… Read More »Princess Style with Skye

Toys for Tots and Disney’s Heart of Gold

60 years ago, Toys for Tots delivered their first toys to needy children in the Los Angeles area. Since then, they have distributed over 370 million toys to over 173 million needy children all across the United States. But did you know their logo was designed by Walt Disney? It was created back in 1948… Read More »Toys for Tots and Disney’s Heart of Gold

Lindsay Lohan Blog – VIII

Disney hot property, Lindsay Lohan, may have been tired, but you should expect as much from the teenage vixen. She’s working on a movie, broke up with her boyfriend, and recorded an album. I haven’t heard it yet, but I have liked her song from Princess Diaries II. The album will be released next week,… Read More »Lindsay Lohan Blog – VIII

Remember LibbyLu?

Remember when I said that Disney would be foolish to let LibbyLu dominate the ‘tween’ dress up and party market, well the folks at Disney have things well in hand. An experiment at the 5th Avenue New York store features a place for the ‘tweens to come and release their inner princess. The New York… Read More »Remember LibbyLu?

Barbie or Disney Princess?

If you have a little girl, which is she more likely to be dressed up as? A Barbie or a Disney Princess? The Motley Fool ponders why so many of today’s young girls have gone the Disney route, and what Disney can do to capitalize on it.

The Tweens and Teens can party down

Cause Downtown Disney is opening up Club LibbyLu. Club Libby Lu’s mission is to create a spontaneous environment that encourages girls to express their imagination and individuality. ‘Tween girls (ages 6-12) enjoy hanging out with their friends, playing games, learning new dance steps, or having their birthday parties with the guidance of club counselors. This… Read More »The Tweens and Teens can party down