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Father’s Day Disney Links

It’s Father’s Day and I should be on the beach sipping a cool one, but instead I’m at home waiting to go to the movie. We’re seeing that animated ursine put out by the other studio. So, before I go, here are a few quick links for some fun Sunday surfing:

  • The LA Times has put up a short and very positive review of California Adventure’s Toy Story Midway Mania. The official grand opening is Tuesday the 17th. has a good set of photos capturing some of the changes that have recently come to DCA.
  • ComingSoon has interviewed WALL-E Director Andrew Stanton. They cover a lot of territory. Also, Ain’t It Cool News talks with Roger Deakins, the film’s visual consultant. Both articles contain some spoilers.
  • Led in no small part by WALL-E, Disney expects to rake in over $30 billion in Merchandise sales and licensing over the year. That’s insane, but we fans demand it.
  • Michael Poryes, co-creator of Disney’s Hannah Montana, tells media types to leave Miley Cyrus alone. I tend to agree. Give her a break and a chance to grow up and go to college with as much normalcy as possible given her super star status.
  • Commentator Jim Crescitelli has a few words for Disney on their unnecessary destruction of the authentic Norway dining experience at EPCOT. Put those princesses somewhere else.

Alright. Gotta run. Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads out there.