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Princess Style with Skye

Are you a Disney Princess in your heart? If so you might want to check out Princess Skye’s Princess Portal. Skye draws inspiration from Disney’s many Princesses including The Princess Diaries. She recently discussed how to write your own Princess Code and attended a play called “The Snow White Conspiracy” (sounds interesting!).

This is not all fluff and flowers either. She has great advice on how to be true to yourself. And I particularly like her post on “How to Be A Disney Princess.”

  • Be resourceful. You may not be living in a beautiful palace (yet) but you can use your imagination and create beauty all around you. Learn to make your own dresses, decorate your room with wildflowers, make a daisy chain for a crown and remember its the thought that counts, not the price!
  • Kindness counts. Disney Princesses are always kind, considerate and charitable. They never hate and rarely express anger, but conduct themselves with grace and gentleness. Read books to a group of children, help elderly women with their shopping and always volunteer to be of service when you see someone in need. Be generous to strangers and considerate to your friends. Always say please and thank you!

Btw, I love the name Skye so much, I choose it as my surname for my pen name.

If you consider yourself a Disney Princess please chime in below with your advice and stories.

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