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Charge of the Princess Brigade

As I stated before, Disney Princess Merchandise is the fastest growing segment of sales for the Disney Company. The Princess phenomenon is raking in big bucks and the powers that be know it. ”The princess brand is all about fantasy,” adds Mary Beech, director of franchise management for Disney Princess. “It’s transformational and allows the… Read More »Charge of the Princess Brigade

Tea time? Yes, I’ll have a spot.

I’ll bet you can’t guess the largest and fastest growing segment of sales for the Walt Disney Company. Yes, it’s the pre-teens and tweens and their passion for Disney Princess regalia. So Disney’s latest release ‘ The Princess Diaries 2 ‘ fits right in with that demographic. Sue Kruse reports on a special program at… Read More »Tea time? Yes, I’ll have a spot.

Prognosticating Fool

Steven from Motley Fool considers Disney’s string of duds and ponders about the eventual fate of Disney’s only summer hit “The Village”. The New York Daily News is sure the movie will make a profit for the mouse, but not much more for that. So… Read More »Prognosticating Fool

Disney Round Up

A look at the latest stories to hit the digital Disney community for the past week. On the Fabulous Disney Babe’s site Jon Nadelberg offers his opinion on when Disneyland ‘Jumped The Shark’ has a story on the scaled down version of the Tower… Read More »Disney Round Up